What’s inside VICI MAX HONEY?

VICI MAX HONEY is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including Tongkat Ali, Brazilian honey, and MACA Root.

What’s included in each box of VICI MAX HONEY?

VICI MAX HONEY contains a box of 4 tubes with approximately 12ml per tub. This unique blend is perfectly measured to maximize results for a few days.

How should I take VICI MAX HONEY to maximize the effects?

We recommend taking VICI MAX HONEY at 12ml for a few days to enjoy the full effects of the herbal blend it includes. We also recommend that you drink plenty of water with each dose. Avoid consuming coconut water with VICI MAX HONEY as some research indicates it can negatively interact with our natural ingredients.

Can VICI MAX HONEY help with premature ejaculation?

Yes! Brazilian honey and Maca Root have been widely used to effectively reverse premature ejaculation. If you’re suffering from this condition, you can take VICI MAX HONEY to enjoy a better sex life with your partner.

I have a low libido and sexual desire. Can VICI MAX HONEY help me?

VICI MAX HONEY is one of the best supplements to help you improve your libido. If you’re struggling to find your sexual desire, simply consuming VICI MAX HONEY can help you get it back. Ancient cultures have used the ingredients in our product as a natural sex booster, and it will help you too.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a money-backed guarantee within 15 days based on our terms and conditions. Please be sure to read those before your purchase.

I’m pregnant, should I take VICI MAX HONEY?

No. We recommend avoiding VICI MAX HONEY if you are pregnant.

Does VICI MAX HONEY help with blood pressure or heart disease?

No. In fact, we recommend not taking VICI MAX HONEY if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, or have severe renal function.

How long does it take to experience the benefits of VICI MAX HONEY?

After a few days of taking VICI MAX HONEY, you should expect to experience its full effects.

I want to enhance my relationship. Is your product good for it?

Yes. If your sex life is lagging or your mood is less than stellar, then VICI MAX HONEY can help. It enhances your mood and sexual desire simultaneously. Try it out to improve your relationship.